Video Editing

 We've consistently been one of the Top 5 ranked video editors for over three years now. 


If your video needs pretty much any kind of treatment, We can handle it. We can edit it so it flows smoothly, add sound effects, text effects, royalty free music, just improve the overall appearance of the footage, anything your footage needs. 

Of course the reason we need to communicate before you order. Communication before ordering just gives us a chance to get on the same page and agree on a price before the trigger is pulled.

If speed is an issue, We do offer speedier delivery for various bonus amounts. Just check out our price plans. If you spring for the "extra fast" option chances are we'll have your request done today. Definitely tomorrow.

In order to expedite the quote process, we love when buyers have materials and full instructions ready for us to look at so we can get a hands on visual idea of the amount of work required.